Flow and the Personification of Emotions - Troy Erstling
MindHack PodcastNovember 11, 2021

Flow and the Personification of Emotions - Troy Erstling

Today we’re interviewing somebody who is a world traveler and expert in flow states. He’s a writer and consultant and has even given a TEDx talk on freestyling.

Besides designing his digital nomad lifestyle, he employs a variety of activities to get into a flow state, including slacklining, freestyle rapping, exercising, and meditating.

His name is Troy Erstling and he’s an extremely interesting and well-spoken guest.

In this episode, Troy shares his thoughts on flow state, how meditation makes you less distractible, resources for productivity, how to set up successful systems for the absence of friction, how to dial in and out of the flow state, and how to maintain the most important relationship in your life.

This is a deep dive episode on flow state, so get ready to get in the zone with us!

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Personification of Emotions (Blog)

Vipassana Meditation


Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler

Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

Deep Work by Cal Newport

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

Show Notes

01:47 - What is your why?

03:54 - Can you go into detail about the flow state?

12:19 - Do you believe that everyone needs to enter the flow state?

14:58 - What are the typical things you find flow with?

23:54 - Do you have any experience or thoughts on whether or not kids should take ADHD medication?

40:17 - Have you ever had to deal with panic attacks?

51:50 - I want to talk about your TEDx talk. Can you tell me about that?

56:20 - What is your daily routine like?