Finding the Achiever's Mindset - Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is a writer, speaker, teacher, and researcher dedicated to helping knowledge workers transform their productivity and thrive in the future of work. In this episode, we uncover what it means to be successful, how one can find an achiever's mindset and figure out what it is they are meant to do.

  • (01:09) What is Forte Labs?
  • (04:36) What is productivity for you?
  • (11:10) How do you differentiate integrity/authenticity and integrity/vulnerability?
  • (29:38) What is the “surrender” experiment and how does this work?
  • (30:56) What did you get out of the book “TheUntethered Soul”?
  • (37:35) Why is meditation considered non-threatening?
  • (39:10) What got you into meditation?
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