Navigating Neurodiversity and Evolutionary Biology - Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer has been interested in evolutionary psychology for almost 30 years now. His blog The Bigger Picture discusses ideas he has when he tries to understand the patterns he sees in the world.  A self published author of over 30 books with topics ranging from neurodiversity in children to how misunderstood human beings become misfits.

In this conversation we’re taking a dive into a theory on evolutionary biology that seeks to explain why up to 0.8% of the world's population has Asperger’s, or high functioning Autism, amongst other topics. What Andreas proposes personally interests me since I myself have a mild case of Asperger's. This is a fascinating conversation for anybody interested in knowing more about neurodiversity in our modern age.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Evolutionary theory & psychology

03:15 - Human reproduction & offspring

06:08 - Born to Be Different inspiration

09:24 - Hunter-gatherer vs farmer

12:25 - ADHD & creativity

13:55 - Neurodiversity

18:30 - More differences between hunter-gatherers & farmers

19:55 - Traits

23:53 - Technology

24:51 - Societal boundaries

25:57 - Sensitivity among creative people

27:40 - Hunter-gatherer traits

29:06 - Cognitive empathy

33:41 - Honesty

38:05 - View on current government

39:15 - Hunter-gatherer careers

41:47 - What the future holds for hunter-gatherers

44:13 - Children

46:57 - Evolving as a culture

48:25 - Positive perspectives

50:06 - Conclusion

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