How this Entrepreneur went from Addiction to Discovering Flow - Michael Dash

Michael Dash is the President and CEO of Parallel HR Solutions, Inc. His journey to hope follows a six-year lawsuit that’s now settled and the sale of his company he spent eleven years building. Michael knows his struggles are not unique to executives and entrepreneurs around the world. Michael has run addiction recovery programs for over five years now. He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised over $100K for LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and traveled to Bali where he studied Flow Consciousness, meditation, and other practices to overcome past challenges. In this episode, Michael shares some of his favorite personal growth tools and how giving back and travel have had such an impact on his life. He leaves listeners with this advice, "The first step is always recognition that you have a problem or are on the verge of having a problem that is affecting how you show up in life and your health. The next step is curiosity, followed by action and connection. These steps can help us lead much more balanced and fulfilled lives."

  • How did your addiction start? (04:22)
  • Was there any trauma  or negative belief that caused you to result to your addiction? (6:52)
  • What made you realize that the addiction to Adderal should stop? (16:25)
  • What experience helped you in trying to get the addiction off your life? (22:16)
  • What was the first thing you learned during that retreat in the Flow Institute? (26:47)
  • What mindset shift took place in you? (29:14)
  • Can you describe your life right now? (30:24)
  • How important is curiosity in our lives? (36:24)
  • What is your routine like now? (37:56)
  • What is your book, Chasing the High, all about? (46:59)
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