Find Flow & Get Creative in Nature with DIY Genius - Kyle Pearce

Have you ever felt completely stuck in your routine? Today we chat with Kyle Pearce about finding flow in creativity and the benefits of getting out in nature.

Kyle Pearce is the founder of DIY Genius and an experiential learning designer, digital business educator and runs educational nature retreats.  Kyle spent the last 7 years building DIY Genius by sharing his passion for self-education and teaching online courses in passion-driven learning, flow psychology, and digital storytelling. He has worked in digital marketing and online education since 2009. He’s a full stack marketer, and when he’s not working, you’ll find him in the forests and mountains biking, skiing or hiking.

We discuss the best way to learn, making a transition to a new lifestyle and business, and how to find work that you truly enjoy.

  • How was your childhood like as a student? (02:02)
  • With the challenge of having ADHD, how did you manage to get through college? (03:08)
  • What is this DIY mentality that you want people to know? (06:40)
  • How does encouragement help shift your self-perception? (12:24)
  • How do you differentiate the help given by people, books and courses? (14:05)
  • How do you structure and prioritize your tasks in a day? (30:31)
  • Can you expound more on what Flow exactly is? (36:40)
  • How does Flow contribute to someone's way of living? (38:24)
  • What is a Flow State? (40:02)
  • Can you tell us a failure that happened to you and how you recovered from it? (42:04)
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