Validate Your Startup, Use the Mom Test, and Get the Successful Entrepreneur Mindset - Matt Clifford

Matt Clifford has helped accelerate the businesses of over 1000 entrepreneurs. He's the co-founder of Entrepreneur First, the world's leading technology talent investor. Entrepreneur First brings together extraordinary people to build startups from scratch in London, Singapore, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris and Bangalore.

I really enjoyed this conversation about entrepreneurship, being a founder, and how to get started if you are feeling called to be an entrepreneur. We discuss the Mom test for business validity and how Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, became a backer for Entrepreneur First. Matt and Entrepreneur First have helped fund over 100 companies including Magic Pony Technology which was acquired by twitter.

In this episode, Matt shares his thoughts on what it means to be an entrepreneur, the mindset of an entrepreneur, resources, and what it takes to become successful.

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  • How do you become a founder? Explore the mindset one has to be in. (23:08)
  • What are some of the success stories you’ve had with EF? (2:24)
  • Is there an important belief or mindset one needs to have to become an entrepreneur? (4:24)
  • What happens if you fail? How do you know if you're idea is worth pursuing? (7:15)
  • How do you get the motivation to work hard during the grind? (35:37)
  • What is your background that led you to start Entrepreneur First? (12:47)
  • What differentiates entrepreneurs from everyone else?
  • What is deep technology and why is it important? (30:00)
  • What is the "Mom Test"? (51:06)
  • What do you think contributes to a company's success? (37:17)

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