How the Founder of systemized his business and productivity

This episode uncovers the routines and habits of Liam Martin, co-founder, and CMO of and He’s been working with remote employees over the past 10 years and in this episode, we dig down into the nitty-gritty of outsourcing and how to be more productive in an age that is cluttered with distractions. If you’ve ever dealt with managing or working with remote team members, you’ll want to listen to this one.

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  • Introduction [3:45]
  • What is [5:30]
  • How do you stay so productive when you have so much going on? [6:32]
  • [00:01:09] focus on a question that I’ve always had which is measuring not necessarily how long someone works but how productively they work.
  • [00:02:59] we can predict with an 89 percent accuracy rate whether you’re going to quit your job six months before you do.
  • [00:12:03] And so I came to realize that when it comes to productivity I think a lot of it’s more mindset.
  • [00:26:05] How do you differentiate that you know when you’re ready to hire somebody else.
  • [00:49:14] One of the women that have really blown me away is is Laura K. Owen who’s she runs Global Workplace operations for get hub and they have 900 people distributed all over the world and she’s talking about deprogramming office people and basically reprogramming them for remote work.
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