Ranch work to Professional Boxing to Entrepreneurship - Ali Mahvan

In this super interesting episode, Ashwin and Cody detail the life and story of Ali Mahvan, the CEO and Co-founder of Sharebert, an AI-powered shopping app who got his start shoveling horse shit on a ranch in Arizona. After being bullied as a child he found a passion in boxing, started a sportswear company, and ended up working with some of the most influential people in boxing, including Floyd Mayweather. We also talk journeys, life decision making, and some of our favorite books for entrepreneurs.

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  • [00:00:10] Introduction [00:00:34]
  • [00:01:25] You grew up a little bit poor and you had you were bullied growing up. Can you tell me a little bit about that and how that went and how that transition you into boxing.
  • [00:05:20] You learn. I guess the perspective that we got was life. You learn a lot about life and that was before we had internet but it was like pre-internet age so internet was like a new thing.
  • [00:06:21] I’m afraid of spiders so it was terrifying for me to see a spider bigger than my hand. It was just completely life changing in that perspective. I mean you saw him you saw like life and death and you really understood the world around you. So so did picking up your shit make boxing easier.
  • [00:07:27] So I was bullied a little bit when I was younger I would say the ranch definitely toughened me up. It made me recognize that it didn’t matter what people said thought etc.
  • [00:09:44] either I make this should successful or I’m going to be working at McDonald’s and I don’t think I could bear to to to do that to myself. So it really gave me only one option. And when you have no backup options all everything else just goes out the window. You nailed it.
  • [00:37:18] It’s simply performance. You could have the most educated candidate on one hand who is going to take a salary of a hundred K or 200 K. And on the other hand you have a guy who just has some experience but he’s going to bring massive performance.
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