The Science of Behavioral Economics & Living a Meaningful Life - Nate Andorsky

In this episode of the MindHack Podcast, Ashwin and I interview a guest who has a background in Behavioral Economics. This is admittedly one of the best conversations we’ve had so far in the process as we talk about the psychology of influencing people in positive ways. We also explore how to find meaning behind the work you do, staying humble and discussing how we often have self-limiting beliefs that prevent or stop us from really accomplishing what we’re capable of.

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  • [00:00:12] What is Behavior Economics? [00:00:21]
  • [00:01:52] And the reason that we’ve integrated this into all of the work that we do is that we have this core belief that creative science that these digital experiences whether they’re mobile apps or websites are augmented or virtual reality is really at their core human experiences. [00:02:06]
  • [00:02:53] Identifiable Victim Effect [00:03:16]
  • [00:03:48] in order to stop all these types of shootings one way about going to do that is to actually show the pictures [00:03:54]
  • [00:05:32] And that brings up the book Thinking Fast Thinking Slow I know when I read that book personally I was able to go back in my experience growing up where I had self-limiting beliefs of thinking I would never be anybody I would be stupid. [00:05:44]
  • [00:20:28] it reinforces this mindset that your skill isn’t necessarily what it is you don’t know or you do know it it’s your ability to problem solve. [00:20:41]
  • [00:22:48] you really should only be competing with yourself and those are what I like to call vanity metrics. [00:22:54]
  • [00:44:16] I really don’t think you can be CEO of a multi-million dollar company if you’re somebody that can’t make your bed in the morning and we have this wrong view of happiness where we want all these things because we think that they’ll make us happy. [00:44:31]
  • Headspace
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
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